Riff Police! Pull Over! #58: Shxttered Vs Pantera!

In a series like Riff Police you’re always going to have bands in the dock who are guilty of ripping off others on a regular basis as well as bands who are simply so good that they’re going to get ripped off on a regular basis. That’s the name of the game and it comes with the territory. One man multi-instrumentalist Christian Davila is joined by vocalist Caleb McLaren Foster in Shxttered, a Southern California band that move in the circles between Metallic Hardcore, Deathcore and Slam. Following a pair of EP releases they dropped their full debut 9 track affair “Fleshless King” just a few weeks ago and a solid piece of anvil heaviness it is too. In our review we said of track “Intermission // Intermission” that it’s “a 79 second burst of guitar that develops a Pantera riff into Shxttered’s style by starting out fast, moving through the grove and then closing in Downtempo Deathcore wrecking ball fashion”

Now you can make up your own mind on this one but for our money its a reworking of the riff from the much loved and much covered in it’s own right Pantera classic “A New Level”. From the all time classic and critically acclaimed album “Vulgar Display of Power” which appeared on the scene back in 1992 and remains to this day a much loved masterpiece. Pantera’s sixth studio album could even go down as their finest hour… well, 57 minutes. If you had to give a friend a Metal album to introduce them to what Metal is, it could well be this one. Influenced, without a doubt, and we don’t blame you. How could you not be influenced by this?

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