Riff Police! Pull Over! #5 Ministry Vs Rammstein!

The third single from Ministry‘s best known album “Psalm 69”, which had already seen single “Jesus Built My Hotrod” raise the bands profile, “Just One Fix” saw Mike Scaccia’s guitar work raise the bar once more. Sadly Scaccia passed away in December 2012. Rest in peace brother.

So when German Industrial giants Rammstein released their anthemic single “Du Hast” 5 years later in 1997, complete with a “Reserviour Dogs” inspired video, more than a few Ministry fans were up in arms. Influenced? Lifted? The suggestion at the time was it was sampled but actually it was played. Caught red handed.

Ministry will be upon our shores in July with Chelsea Wolfe in support of their new album “AmeriKKKant”.

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