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NEWS: Ministry announce “Moral Hygiene”!

Pretty sure that Al Jourgensen said he was going to stop recording new Ministry material at some point… but come 1st October Nuclear Blast Records will be putting out a new album titled “Moral Hygiene” which features this new single “Good Trouble“. Curiously its one that sounds like a “Psalm 69” demo and you can

Playthrough: “Alert Level” from Ministry!

There has been an almost daily playthrough video released by Guitar World Magazine’s online service during lockdown and their latest offering sees Ministry guitarist picking up his 6 string axe and hammering out their fiercely political new track “Alert Level“. Mind you, when haven’t the highly influential Ministry been fiercely political in recent times?

Throwback: “Medication” from Psycore!

Heading back to 1998 and the Psycore album “Your Problem” for today’s throwback seems an obvious choice. We first heard about them from a Metal Hammer cover CD, which was a big thing to get on to back in the day. The band were formed in Gothenburg Sweden in 1996 and consisted of vocalist Markus

Riff Police! Pull Over! #5 Ministry Vs Rammstein!

The third single from Ministry‘s best known album “Psalm 69”, which had already seen single “Jesus Built My Hotrod” raise the bands profile, “Just One Fix” saw Mike Scaccia’s guitar work raise the bar once more. Sadly Scaccia passed away in December 2012. Rest in peace brother. So when German Industrial giants Rammstein released their