Riff Police! Pull Over! #138: Threering Vs Metallica!

The brilliance that is 2019’s “My Last Words” by Last Vegas Nevada duo Threering is has cover art that depicts a woman drowning while being stung by Jellyfish like film “Seven Pounds” in which organs are preserved during suicide for donation. That cover art is the perfect companion to the album itself which is is a somber meloncholic affair with some achingly beautiful moments perferated with fleeting heavier moments. “Say You’ll Prove Me Wrong” is a prime example as the accompanying vocals of guest Melody Schoenfeld intertwine with those of Adam Doxtater in what becomes a powerful anti-power ballad. There is a part however reminiscent of the melodic segment at the heart of the title track of the 1986’s “Master of Puppets” by Metallica, which given the influences of that era’s music on Doxtater should come of no great surprise. A genius in his own right, had he been making the albums then that he is making now, he’d be held in the same regard as someone like Marty Friedman. Not stolen and at worst vaguely similar, this one is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

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