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Riff Police! Pull Over! #138: Threering Vs Metallica!

The brilliance that is 2019’s “My Last Words” by Last Vegas Nevada duo Threering is has cover art that depicts a woman drowning while being stung by Jellyfish like film “Seven Pounds” in which organs are preserved during suicide for donation. That cover art is the perfect companion to the album itself which is is

NEWS: Threering share Piano moment…

…Las Vegas Nevada duo Threering have returned to 2019’s “My Last Words” and shared the isolated piano track for the achingly brilliant “The Fifteen“. The fifth studio album from the partnership of drummer Phillip Howell and guitarist / vocalist Adam Doxtater is a beautiful tragedy that is reminiscent of the Will Smith film Seven Pounds.

Review: “In The Absence of Fear” by Threering

Close to 10 months after their last album the partnership that is drum.er Phillip Howell alongside guitarist and vocalist Adam Doxtater which forms Las Vegas Nevada duo Threering have returned, not only with a new record but also finding time to take a detour with a stand alone single entitled “Pneumothorax“, which appeared in August.

Documentary: Threering album #6 update #2!

It’s been a couple of months since studio update #1 so Las Vegas Nevada’s Threering have dropped an update on their progress as they work on album number six, the follow up to “My Last Words“. The video features no chat from the band, instead going all arty and flipping between the musicians as they perform

Documentary: Threering Studio Update #1!

Las Vegas Nevada’s Threering are currently in the studio working on album number six, the follow up to “My Last Words“. The band have shared this juicy little morsel of a studio update, something which every one can enjoy.

NEWS: Threering share “Every Time I Die”!

No, this isn’t a new Everytime I Die song entitled “Threering“. That Buffalo New York Hardcore crew have been playing a pair of new songs in “Back Distance” and “White Void” at recent shows. No, this is a song from a band called Threering, hailing from Las Vegas Nevada that just happens to go by

Review: “My Last Words” by Threering

Las Vegas Nevada duo Threering have been nothing if not prolific writers of late. Drummer Phillip Howell alongside guitarist and vocalist Adam Doxtater put out their fourth studio album “Dark Tranquility” in October 2018, standalone double A side single “Hell Is For Children” in April 2019 and have now returned with their fifth studio album