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Riff Police! Pull Over! #58: Shxttered Vs Pantera!

In a series like Riff Police you’re always going to have bands in the dock who are guilty of ripping off others on a regular basis as well as bands who are simply so good that they’re going to get ripped off on a regular basis. That’s the name of the game and it comes

Review: “Fleshless King” by Shxttered

A one man multi instrumentalist project which sees Christian Davila joined by vocalist Caleb McLaren Foster and a couple of special guests, Shxttered hail from Southern Florida and claim to have a sound that lives in the space between Deathcore and Slam. So that would be… Post-Deathcore then? This full debut album, a 9 track

NEWS: Trolling The Dead with A Fleshless King? It can only be Shxttered!

Finally! A release date for “Fleshless King” by Shxttered! The Demon summoning South Florida Deathcore one man band with a guest vocalist continues to push boundaries with “Troll The Dead”. Joined by Caleb Foster for this cut, it’s a demonstration of the vicious intent shown with previous cuts “Dark World” featuring Chris Whited of Bodysnatcher and

NEWS: Shxttered start the “Gnashing of Teeth”!

Described as a Florida Heavy one man band collaboration with a vocalist, Shxttered are preparing for the April release of their debut album “Fleshless King”. Having already released “Dark World”, a collaboration with Bodysnatcher drummer and producer extrodinaire Chris Whited (Traitors) in January, they’ve now returned with “Gnashing of Teeth”. It’s a track that features