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NEWS: The Acacia Strain! United Kingdom! July!

Fuming Mouth and Judiciary will be joining Bastard Deathcore Crew The Acacia Strain as the unholy trinity tear up a quartet of venues in the United Kingdom this summer. The shows are on the side of the bands European Festival run that includes Hellfest France, Full Force Festival Germany and Jera On Air… It’s gonna

Bootleg: The Acacia Strain in Indianapolis!

The return of original drummer Ben Abert almost twenty years after his departure from The Acacia Strain to replace the long serving Kevin Boutot may have come as a surprise but as this full set from The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis Indiana from 13th August proves, he can hold his own. The Deathcore skull crushers

Bootleg: The Acacia Strain in Montréal Québec Canada!

A couple of cuts from an appearance from Deathcore mercenaries The Acacia Strain at the Fairmount Theatre in Montréal Québec Canada from 11th July have surfaced in “Whoa! Shut It Down“, “Send Help” and “Car Bomb“. Having dropped a double album in “Step Into the Light” and “Failure Will Follow” via Rise Records in May, which feature

NEWS: The Acacia Strain premier “Chain”!

Joined by Jacob Lilly from Nashville Tennessee incendiary Hardcore crew Chamber, the next offering from The Acacia Strain is one titled “Chain“. It is of course taken from the bands upcoming Rise Records magnum opus “Step Into The Light” which is due to burst blood vessels on 5th May and contains a soon to be

NEWS: The Acacia Strain announce second album for 2023…

It seems that The Acacia Strain are no longer content with following regular release patterns and have announced a second album titled  “Failure Will Follow” to appear on the same day as the previously announced “Step Into The Light“, 12th May, via Rise Records. Promising to showcase more of a Sludge Metal feel, the newly

NEWS: The Acacia Strain follow the distant light?

The next chapter of the story of The Acacia Strain is set for 12th May via Rise Records. Produced by Randy Leboeuf (Every Time I Die, Lorna Shore, Bad Omens) and titled “Step Into The Light” it features guest vocal appearances from Chamber frontman Jacob Lily and Josef Alfonso of Sunami fame in amongst ten

NEWS: The Acacia Strain speak of the unmarked graves…

Refusing to take a break from their collective cryptic writings Chicopee Massachusetts  Deathcore transcending brutalists The Acacia Strain have offered up an antidepressant for anyone suffering from the festive season in new single “Untended Graves“. They have huge touring plans for 2023 and will be heading from Antwerp Belgium to Worcester Massachusetts in just over

NEWS: Deez Nuts and The Acacia Strain. January 2023!

Australian Hardcore crew Deez Nuts have begun to announce new shows with a new bassist yet to be unvieled following the tragic death of Sean Kennedy in February 2021. Their previously announced European tour has been rescheduled with Kublai Khan replaced by The Acacia Strain as main support with Unity-TX and Brothers Till We Die also on

Playthrough: “Beast” by The Acacia Strain from Suffer!

Seemingly bot content with offering us merely their new album “The Sorrow we Sow The Hatred we Know“, a one take vocal performance of “Beast” by The Acacia Strain with vocal audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys (Last Hounds, Confessions Of A Traitor) at Jigsaw Audio has appeared from Suffer. Be warned, s****