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NEWS: Wounded Touch enjoy cold winter nights?

Hailing from Michigan, Wounded Touch are the latest band to record with Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studio (Ingrown, Wristmeetrazor) with their debut album “AMERICANXIETY” set for 4th March via Smartpunk Records. Oscillating somewhere between Metalcore and Screamo while being described as experimental, the follow up to 2019 EP “From Day 0 Forward” is an eleven

Interview: The Black Dahlia Murder talk to Metal Injection!

While we continue to marvel at “Verminous“, an album that does the unthinkable in being on par with what many considered their finest hour in “Nightbringers“, The Black Dahlia Murder habe been doing everything except touring to try and promote the record. So vocalist Trevor Strnd takes a break from listening to Old School German Death

Review: “Goatacalypse” by Bite The Goat

Saint Petersburg, Russia isn’t necessary the first place you’d think of as being home to a Technical Progressive Deathcore act. Mind you, would you even think that the words ‘Technical‘ and ‘Progressive‘ could be used to describe Deathcore? Well… Why not? If you can have Skate Punk Thrash then you can have Technical Progressive Deathcore.

Interview: Metal Blade Live talk to The Black Dahlia Murder!

If yesterdays interview with Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People wasn’t enough of The Black Dahlia Murder for you then today is your lucky day with vocalist Trevor Strnd chats once again with Allegaeon man Riley McShane about their upcoming ‘Yule ‘Em All’ Holiday Extravaganza. The pair had previously caught up about their mutual love

Interview: The Black Dahlia Murder on Little Punk People!

Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People spoke to the legend that is Trevor Strnd, vocalist of The Black Dahlia Murder about their upcoming Yule ‘Em All pay per view live stream, surviving Megadeth and more. Tickets for the live stream (“A holiday style variety special featuring performances by The Black Dahlia Murder playing the classics

Playthrough: “Inadequate” from Rings of Saturn!

When it comes to an initiation into a band, there can’t be many longer than that of Mike Caputo. He’s been playing drums live with Rings of Saturn for two years before finally being announced as a full time member of the Technical Deathcore brutes. So he’s popped the cork on a bottle of Champagne

Playthrough: “The Warrior” from The Black Dahlia Murder!

Well… Not quite. The Black Dahlia Murder drummer Alan Cassidy recorded a cover of “The Warrior” by Patti Smith for the Two Minutes to Late Night collaboration (an Iron Maiden pun) and has given us dedicated drum cam footage of his recording of it. The Black Dahlia Murder have a 2021 European headlining tour trek

Review: “Altars of Sacrifice” by Bloodfeast Ritual

“This EP is a love letter to Death Metal. Old School, Modern, Technical and Brutal; we love all of the aspects of death metal as a genre, and we wanted to show that with this EP. We tried to display our influences by dramatically changing the vibe of each song.” Thats what Bloodfeast Ritual have to

Riff Police! Pull Over! #117: At The Gates Vs Trivium!

The last album from Swedish Melodic Death Metallers At The Gates before an 11 year hiatus was “Slaughter of the Soul“. A landmark album, it is considered alongside works by In Flames and Dark Tranquillity as one of the cornerstones of the Gothenburg sound. Produced by Fredrik Nordström (Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Opeth) in 1995 and