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Review: “The Black Ritual” by Cryptonight

Creating a niche sound by blending DJent and Doom styles together inspired by re-occuring nightmares, Cryptonight are a duo who are looking to create a dark atmospheric full of horror and malice with every note. All the guitars were recorded on an 8 string and the lyrics contain subtle references from games such as Bloodborne,

NEWS: Are Cryptonight your new Kryptonite?

Toronto Doom fueled DJentlemen (or should that be DJent fueled Doom men?) Cryptonight released their debut album in April after a colossal 20 episode YouTube making of series. The album, entitled “The Black Ritual“, which sees the band take influence from the likes of Vildhjarta, Humanity‚Äôs Last Breath, Black Tongue and even Meshuggah as well