NEWS: Are Cryptonight your new Kryptonite?

Toronto Doom fueled DJentlemen (or should that be DJent fueled Doom men?) Cryptonight released their debut album in April after a colossal 20 episode YouTube making of series. The album, entitled “The Black Ritual“, which sees the band take influence from the likes of Vildhjarta, Humanity’s Last Breath, Black Tongue and even Meshuggah as well as referencing games such as Bloodborne, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Diablo has now spawned a lyric video for “Abstersion“.

The band share their thoughts on the release: “We each picked recurring nightmares that made an impression on us and put them together into a story about a dream world. Fans can expect this album to have a sequel, and to continue into the unforeseen future. Our lyrics are literally us telling stories of what happened in our personal nightmares, as descriptively as possible. It’s a collaboration of everything we love together into one sound to make for a deadly recipe. Dark and nightmarish whilst leaving an ambient and serene linger.”

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