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Bootleg: Machine Head in Chicago 2000!

Back in the year 2000, “The Burning Red” from Machine Head received a mixed bag of reviews but has aged well, unlike the album that followed it. Filmed at The Metro in Chicago Illinois on 20th February 2000, here’s a full set from the band before they did the “evening with” shows, Primer 55 and

Listmania: 20 Years of “The Burning Red” from Machine Head!

As the bickering continues in the background with their now former Guitarist and Vio-lence man Phil Demmel talking to anyone who’s interested about the “Catharsis” album and why he and Dave McClain (now back in Sacred Reich) exited stage left, including this new article here, it’s time we did some celebrating. While the “Burn My

NEWS: Machine Head release “Triple Beam” lyric video!

As they count down to the end the Dave McClain and Phil Demmel era of Machine Head, the band have released a lyric video for the controversial “Triple Beam”. The song is from recent release “Catharsis” and sees a return of the “The Burning Red” albums Nu-Metal leanings. Check out our review!