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NEWS: Dope reach Engine No. 9 with “Lovesong”!

Gaining maximum exposure, seven days after single number eight from “Blood Money Part 0”, the not-so-upcoming album from Industrial Nu-Metal act Dope surfaced, single number nine has arisen from the black depths. Another to feature side project Drama Club, this one is a cover of The Cure classic “Lovesong” and has of course fittingly been

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Cure.

It’s strange how often people don’t understand art at the time at which it’s unveiled but grow to love it decades later. In the case of “Pornography” from The Cure, an album which brought the band to the edge of self destruction with drug fueled recording sessions, despite not being received that well by critics,

Planet Metal #1: Italy!

Following the success of our Black Map feature that looks at the UK Underground Metal scene and pays some attention to the lesser lights of heaven, following the example of Pinky and the Brain, we’ve set our sights on conquering the World.  So each month we’re going to be picking an country and five bands

Review: “Self Titled” by Inner Circles

Dublin Ireland is the home of John O’Kelly, the one man multi instrumentalist behind Alternative Metal project Inner Circles. Adorned with cover artwork from visual artist Shane Reilly, who also created a music video for single “Possession” from the 1920’s film “Genuine: A Tale Of A Vampire” and with Mastering from Fergal Davis (Muse, Codes),

NEWS: L’Homme Absurde pay tribute to The Cure!

It is often said that we as human beings are formed of our genes and our influences and with that in his mind, Alexey Slavin who originally started L’Homme Absurde as a solo project, has picked “Siamese Twins” by The Cure to pay homage to one of his. The track sees the Russian Post Metal

Review: “Siren” by Blackstar Halo

Blackstar Halo released their debut album “Illuminated” in 2010, having been together under a different name for a decade. The album was pre-released nationwide in then prominent film rental chain ”Filmtown” along with a music video for the title track made by Energia productions and Obscure entertainment who created Star Wreck and Iron Sky. Fast