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NEWS: Down Again make Travis Worland bleed?

While he’s not busy with Enterprise Earth, vocalist Travis Worland likes to offer his services as a mercenary to the highest bidder so it makes perfect sense that North Carolina Post-Hardcore trio Down Again would hire him to accompany them on their latest burnt offering. That one is titled “Bleed” as the band add to a list

NEWS: Down Again hear those voices…

“I can hear the footsteps, Coming after me, I’m not ready to die alone, I can hear them calling, I can hear them screaming, Oh god, this is it… Floating slowly, Tied in knots my veins are closing, Thrashing as this web’s enclosing, Twisting and flowing, Rivers cascading below me, Can’t break from these hands

NEWS: Down Again just want to throw it all away…

Having previously had Brendan Murphy of Counterparts guest on “The Fire” and Jake Russo on “Fade With Regret” of Death By Fireworks, Californian Post-Hardcore quartet Down Again have once again phoned a friend. This time out Austin McAuley of Limbs joins them for new single “Throw It Away” which comes with an obligatory music video. Don’t

NEWS: Down Again suffer phantom limbs?

Continuing to grow their epic collection of songs which feature guests we all know and love, Californian Emo Post-Hardcore outfit Down Again are joined by Austin McAuley of Limbs fame for new single “Take It Back“. That of course adds to works with Brendan Murphy, Jake Russo and Kylle Reece with their last EP “Bury

NEWS: Down Again escape their demons?

Just before the second anniversary of their debut single “Actions and Consequences” and  featuring a guest vocal appearance from Kylle Reece formerly of Demon In Me, Californian Post Hardcore trio Down Again have premiered a new single called “Saboteur“. The cut marks the bands first new material since September  EP “Bury the Bones” while Reece himself

NEWS: Down Again get burned in the fire?

Before you get your knickers in a twist, it’s not Brendan Murphy from Counterparts but the Twitter K-pop star of the same name who makes a guest vocal appearance on the latest single from Emo infused Post Hardcore act Down Again. Titled “The Fire“, it’s one from their September released EP “Bury The Bones” from

NEWS: It’s a grey world for Down Again!

“Living in your world seems so clear and concise, Shutting out reality makes everything so nice, Paint a pretty picture black and white everyday, See my tattered canvass bleeding shades of grey.. I see the world in a different light, Things not always black and white, Through all these years still, to this day, My

NEWS: Down Again simply “Can’t Make This Right”!

In love with the breakup, North Carolina Post-Hardcore act Down Again have chosen “Can’t Make This Right” as the latest single from their theatrical angst ridden new EP “Bury The Bones“, which makes perfect sense as its the most ear worm like and Emo friendly on the record that follows debut “The Devil Is A Gentleman“

Review: “Bury The Bones” by Down Again

When it comes to bands that stand the test of time, of you have a line up of musicians who are friends first, it helps to provide a certain kind of chemistry that you may not find in other places. North Carolina Post Hardcore collective Down Again have done just that, spending the last 9