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NEWS: A Killer’s Confession cover Sepultura!

Having previously covered the song live, A Killer’s Confession vocalist Waylon Reavis has laid down a vocal cover of “Roots Bloody Roots” by Sepultura. This is the second in recent days following a cover of “Gravity” by A Perfect Circle and comes after the former Mushroomhead vocalist publicly announced a diagnosis of colon cancer. We

NEWS: “It’s Not Too Too Late” for A Killer’s Confession!

After a fresh vocal cover of “Gravity” by A Perfect Circle from Waylon Reavis, A Killer’s Confession have returned to “The Indifference Of Good Men” for a Dominick Giorgianni directed music video for “It’s Not Too Late“. The song has already surpassed 178k worth of Spotify streams as it enters the bands top #5 streamed

NEWS: A Killer’s Confession cover A Perfect Circle!

After the news that former Mushroomhead and current A Killer’s Confession vocalist Waylon Reavis has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer, which you can read more about here, he’s chosen “Gravity” by A Perfect Circle for a vocal cover. The song appears on the bands 2003 “Thirteenth Step” and is recorded with some help from a

NEWS: A Killer’s Confession plaster the walls…

Returning to 2019’s “The Indifference Of Good Men“, A Killer’s Confession have been granted  a lyric video for “Render” courtesy of Melody Myers from EMP Label Group and Combat Records. The band who feature former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis have managed a pair of albums in the time it has taken his former friends to

Interview: A Killers Confession talk Tour Stories!

Going back to 8th December 2019 and The WC Social Club in West Chicago Illinois, A Killers Confession vocalist Waylon Reavis told the Digital Tour Bus cameras a war story from a tour gone by. Is it from his time in Mushroomhead? You’ll have to push play to find out. If you’ve missed them, he’s

Documentary: A Killers Confession at Home with Momma #8!

Episode #8 of “Home with Momma” sees A Killers Confession frontman Waylon Reavis attempting to mod a 1UP Arcade Machine that his mother bought for him just a week after his former band Mushroomhead dropped their new album “A Wonderful Life“. This isn’t an instructional video. “The Indifference Of Good Men” by A Killers Confession

Documentary: Home with Momma Episode #7 with A Killers Confession!

It’s been a while and as vocalist Waylon Reavis has a new house and a new Arcade Machine, it’s time for another episode of Home with Momma from A Killers Confession. Is it coincidence that there is a new Mushroomhead single out today? We’re not subscribers to any conspiracy theories so it seems unlikely but

NEWS: Last Chant for A Killer’s Confession?

Filming the music video on cell phones and hand held cameras, A Killer’s Confession have released a brand new song entitled “Last Chance“. Marking their first new material since October 2019’s “The Indifference Of Good Men” which dropped via Wake Up! Music Rocks, they have a surprise guest in the footage…