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Interview: Enslaved talk “Heimdal” with The Metal Tris!

Ahead of their performance at Incineration Festival on 13th May Enslaved vocalist Grutle Kjellson spoke to The Metal Tris about the Progressive Viking Black Metal acts resent endeavour “Heimdal“. A conversation about how the band have expanded their horizons having blazed a trail since 1991 and the album concept, the name referring to the Norse myth

Interview: Obituary talk “Dying Of Everything” with The Metal Tris!

The first interview of the year from The Metal Tris was actually recorded just before the Christmas break with Obituary drummer Donald Tardy joining him to discuss the Death Metal legends upcoming new album “Dying Of Everything“. Topics of conversation include dynamics, song writing, the bands own Redneck studios and the lyrical themes with Relapse

Interview: Lorna Shore talk “Pain Remains” with The Metal Tris!

It has to be said that Symphonic Deathcore collective Lorna Shore are quite literally everywhere at this moment in time, appearing in every Magazine and on every YouTube channel with interviews and content around their collosal new album “Pain Remains“, doing the hard yards to get the word out there. Will Ramos is the one

Interview: Revocation talk “Netherheaven” with The Metal Tris!

Three years since their last conversation Revocation mastermind Dave Davidson chats with The Metal Tris in this new interview about the bands new album “Netherheaven” for which Davidson became a producer for the first time. While they talk about the writing and themes of the record they also take a few moments to reminisce about