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Interview: Conjurer talk “Pathos” with The Metal Tris!

Ahead of the release of their sophomore album “Pathos“, the one that follows the critically acclaimed “Mire” and sees the band make their major label debut for Nuclear Blast, Conjurer have entrusted bassist Conor Marshall to chat with The Metal Tris about not only the album but also his love of painting in what is

Interview: Decapitated talk “Cancer Culture” with The Metal Tris!

Now that their 25th Anniversary celebrations are over, Polish Death Metal pioneers Decapitated have turned their attention to their next record “Cancer Culture“. In this fresh interview Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka talks to The Metal Tris about everything from the art of the riff to Machine Head, helping the Ukraine and of course their new record.

Interview: Blood Incantation talk “Timewave Zero” with The Metal Tris!

After two critically acclaimed albums in 2016’s “Starspawn” and 2019’s “Hidden History Of The Human Race“, Paul Riedl and Morris Kolontyrsky from Denver Colorado Death Metal outfit Blood Incantation sat down with The Metal Tris to talk about the inspirations behind their new dark and cinematic ambient album “Timewave Zero“, their first for Century Media,

Interview: Rivers Of Nihil talk “The Work” with The Metal Tris!

Continuing their journey down the weird and wonderful yellow brick road of Progressive Technical Death Metal with their last weekend releasing fourth studio album “The Work“, Rivers Of Nihil have outdone themselves after their critically acclaimed “Where Owls Know My Name“. Guitarist Brody Uttley from Rivers Of Nihil took some time out from the bands

Interview: Fit For An Autopsy talk “The Sea Of Tragic Beasts”!

Vocalist Joe Badolato and guitarist Patrick Sheridan from New Jersey Deathcore titans Fit For An Autopsy spoke to The Metal Tris in this shinny new chrome plated interview. They talk tolerance, emotion and of course about their new album “The Sea Of Tragic Beasts“, while the band also kicked out a brand new song entitled

Listmania: Albums of the Decade #5 from The Metal Tris!

“And now, the end is near, And so we face the final curtain, My friend, we’ll say it clear, we’ll state our case, of which we’re certain, we’ve lived a life that’s full, we’ve traveled each and every highway, And more, much more than this, we did it the Metal way…” That’s right. It’s time

Listmania: Albums of the Decade #4 from The Metal Tris!

It’s listmania season and everyone who’s anyone and their brother are putting out their albums of the decade lists of dramatically different lengths and depths. So we’re not doing our own. There’s no need. Instead we’re promoting The Metal Tris because his reviews and interviews have been a joy over the past 12 months. Here’s

Listmania: Albums of the Decade #3 from The Metal Tris!

Will Part III of The Metal Tris countdown of his albums of the decade be “Return Of The Jedi” or “Rise Of The Machines“? There’s only one way to find out. Surely cuts from Periphery, Fit For An Autopsy and Thy Art Is Murder will get a mention, but will the latest offering from Tool?