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Bootleg: xDeathstarx in California!

Getting in the retrofitted DMC DeLorean and hitting 88mph, it’s time to go back to The Showcase Theatre in Corona California, where on 17th December 2006 xDeathstarx joined Throwdown, Impending Doom, All Shall Perish and The Warriors for a show we’re not going to forget in a hurry. xDeathstarx were playing tracks from their 2004

Bootleg: xDeathstarx in Corona California!

How many people remember xDeathstarx? They looked to have called it a night in 2009 only to return for a 12 month Indian summer in 2015. A straight edge Metalcore band with Hardcore roots, they dropped a pair of albums in “The Triumph” and “We Are The Threat” via Facedown Records that still hold up