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NEWS: To Kill Achilles speak the truth!

Striking while the iron is hot and getting in 24 hours before the release of their new album “Recovery“, one that slots perfectly into the highly anticipated category, Scottish Post-Hardcore heroes To Kill Achilles have dropped a music video for new single “No Love Is A Crime“. They’re preparing for a run of four intimate

NEWS: Recovery album release shows from To Kill Achilles!

To celebrate the release of their highly anticipated new album “Recovery” via Arising Empire on 11th August, Scottish Post-Hardcore outfit To Kill Achilles have announced a run of four intimate shows for September. The follow up to the critically acclaimed “Something To Remember Me By” has already attracted a wealth of interest with a run

NEWS: To Kill Achilles enter the cave…

As the clock ticks down in fear to 11th August and the grand unveiling of “Recovery“, the highly anticipated follow up to the critically acclaimed “Something To Remember Me By” from Arising Empire signings To Kill Achilles, the band have created a candle lit vigil for new single “The Cave“. That’s the fourth to precede

NEWS: To Kill Achilles find a Chemical Counterpart!

Arising Empire have shared “Chemical Counterpart“, a new single from Dundee Scotland Post Hardcore outfit To Kill Achilles. It’s the third from a new album “Recovery“, which has the ominous task of following their  critically acclaimed seminal album “Something To Remember Me By” and will be met by dawn’s first light on 11th August. So

NEWS: To Kill Achilles free their souls?

Little over a month after their first new material in two years saw single “Rats” premier, Dundee Scotland’s finest To Kill Achilles have let Arising Empire distribute a second in “…An I’m An Addict“, a ode to the pain of alcoholism and making it stop. As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day the

NEWS: To Kill Achilles run from the sinking ship?

Two years on from their seminal album “Something To Remember Me By” dropped via Arising Empire and having spent a quiet year writing and recording new material, Dundee Scotland Post Hardcore quintet To Kill Achilles have returned with “Rats“. A ferocious little ditty that finds frontman Mark Tindel fired up having reflected on some of

NEWS: To Kill Achilles Vs United Kingdom in November!

Arising Empire signings To Kill Achilles have announced a headlining UK tour run for November for which they will be joined by Values and Immerse for 9 nights only. There will be never heard live before tracks from all the bands for these with “Divinity” marking the debut album from Values while “Something To Remember

NEWS: To Kill Achilles head into the black…

…the success of Dundee Scotland Alternative Metallers To Kill Achilles has been nothing short of awe inspiring and having inked a deal with Arising Empire for the emotional journey that is “Something To Remember Me By“, it has been getting all the promotional power the label can give. The latest single is “Black Marble” and

Playthrough: “Luna et Altum” from To Kill Achilles!

Not only does To Kill Achilles guitarist Larry give us a playthrough of “Luna et Altum”, one of both his and our favourite tracks on the bands new album “Something To Remember Me By” which appeared a couple of weeks back. No, the band also use it to talk about Metal for Nepal’s “Warm Smiles”