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Playthrough: “Buried Alive” from Torture Squad!

Brazilian Death Thrash masters Torture Squad have evidenced the skills of guitarist Rene Simionato with a playthrough video for “Buried Alive” from their new album “Devilish“. The best part of the legendary outfit inking a deal with Italian label Time To Kill Records? You can get the vinyl and merch any only pay European shipping

NEWS: Torture Squad get inspired by Mulder and Scully!

A mysterious horror story inspired by a character from the X-Files series, a mutant humanoid that hides in water to attack its victims, “Flukeman” is the latest cut from Brazilian Death Thrash outfit Torture Squad to receive the full red carpet music video treatment. One cut from the bands new album “Devilish”, graced cover art from Brazilian

Review: “Devilish” by Torture Squad

The second album from the current line up of a band who have been around for the past 33 years, adorned by cover artwork by Marcelo Vasco, a Brazilian illustrator who has already created artworks for Slayer, Dimmu Borgir and Soulfly to name but a few is one of both intrigue and trepidation given the weight of their

NEWS: Torture Squad continue the march to Hell!

Adorned by cover art from illustrator Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Soulfly), Brazilian Death Thrash masters Torture Squad are continuing the preparations for new album “Devilish“, due out 22nd September via Time To Kill Records. They do so with second new single “Hell Is Coming“, cut from an album shrouded by a dark atmosphere. Lyrics

Playthrough: “Mabus” from Torture Squad!

As we all know, “Mabus” is the first single from the long awaited, highly anticipated upcoming album “Devilish” from Brazilian Death Thrash quartet Torture Squad. It will see the cold light of day on 22nd September via Time To Kill Records and it is adorned by cover artwork from Marcelo Vasco, a Brazilian illustrator who

NEWS: Torture Squad announce “Devilish” with “Mabus”!

Featuring cover artwork by Marcelo Vasco, a Brazilian illustrator who has already created artworks for Slayer, Dimmu Borgir and Soulfly to name but a few Brazilian Death Thrashers Torture Squad have dropped the first single “Mabus” with an accompanying video from what is said to be a crushing new album “Devilish“. Their second album with the

Bootleg: “Possessed by Horror” from Torture Squad!

16th July 2022 saw Death Metal Masters Torture Squad perform to a sold-out crowd at La Iglesia, in São Paulo Brazil. One of the largest metropolises in the world witnessed their brutal power and the entire show was recorded to give rise to the new live album “Tortura en La Iglesia En Vivo“. From that

NEWS: Torture Squad premier “The Fallen Ones”!

Female fronted Brazilian Death Thrash overlords Torture Squad have shared new single “The Fallen Ones” while declaring a mutual love of science fiction. An oddly timed UFO, given the of their second live album of the year in “Tortura en La Iglesia En Vivo” which arrived at the same time, here’s hoping that 2023 will

Documentary: Torture Squad “The Unholy Spell” tattoo fixers!

Bringing to an end a year of celebration of the 20th anniversary of the forth Torture Squad album “The Unholy Spell“, the band have shared a video in which Romanelli Tattoo has restored the tattoo of Jorginho “Minduim“, drummer from the Brazilian band Tribal Scream made 13 years ago of the cover art. Formed in