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Documentary: Torture Squad “The Unholy Spell” tattoo fixers!

Bringing to an end a year of celebration of the 20th anniversary of the forth Torture Squad album “The Unholy Spell“, the band have shared a video in which Romanelli Tattoo has restored the tattoo of Jorginho “Minduim“, drummer from the Brazilian band Tribal Scream made 13 years ago of the cover art. Formed in

Playthrough: “Frayed Ends Of Sanity” from Torture Squad!

Having laid down a playthrough video for their classic cut “In the Cyberwar“ back in April, Drummer Amilcar Christófaro from Brazilian Thrash legends Torture Squad has chosen “Frayed Ends Of Sanity” by Metallica for the next. As with the last, he remains sponsored and supported by Pearl drums, Orion Cymbals, Evans drumheads, C Ibanez drumsticks,

Documentary: Torture Squad: The Evil Returns Tour!

Following the current trend for delving into the archives and unearthing some ancient evil, Brazilian Death infused Thrash warriors Torture Squad have gone back to their “Return of Evil” European Tour of 2016 for rare footage including backstage scenes, live shenanigans and fun on the road. The documentary is also billed as episode #1 so

Playthrough: “In the Cyberwar” from Torture Squad!

If anyone ever thought that Brazilian Thrash legends Torture Squad would sever their roots with the arrival of frontwoman Mayara Puertas in 2015, then they were mistaken and the evidence is here for all to see. Drummer Amilcar Christófaro, also of Kisser Clan and Matanza Ritual fame, has returned to 2008 and the bands fifth

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! ZZ Top?!

There aren’t going to be many members of humanity over a certain age who don’t know who ZZ Top are. The Texas trio have a distinctive Blues Rock sound and a Beard and Stetson image has kept them in beers since 1969, with fifteen studio albums, four live albums and 44 singles to their collective

Planet Metal #3: Brazil!

So we’ve been to Italy and to Russia over the past couple of months with our Planet Metal feature so the question is, can we do a five band feature for Brazil without mentioning Sepultura? You bet we can! If you’re new to this game, then the rules are real simple. Each week we highlight

NEWS: Torture Squad celebrate the past two decades!

Brazilian Metallers Torture Squad have taken a moment to put together a videography of the last 20 years of their work with 21 music videos from 2001 single “Abduction Was The Case” all the way through to 2021’s “Generation Dead” as a complete near two hour masterwork offering for the Metal Gods. For those not

Playthrough: “Patria Livre” from Torture Squad!

Brazilian Death Thrash Metallers Torture Squad have let guitarist Rene Simionato out on day release to record a playthrough video for “Patria Livre” or “free country” from 2013’s “Esquadrao de Tortura“. Their latest offering “Far Beyond Existence” is littered with guests including members and former members of Hail of Bullets, Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Nervochaos, Vulcano,

Bootleg: Torture Squad in San Paulo!

Brazilian Metallers Torture Squad have streamed their pro-shot live show from 25th October 2003 at Led Slay in San Paulo entitled “Death, Chaos and Tortured Alive” which saw release on DVD in 2005. The show is just over an hour and features 13 songs including “Towers On Fire“, “Abduction was the Case” and “The Host“.