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Bootleg: Realm of Torment at Camden Underworld!

A month after the release of album number four “Ytene’s Collapse” from Southampton Metalcore outfit Realm of Torment came this appearance at the iconic Camden Underworld on 23rd September. Courtesy of David Tan we also get dedicated drum cam footage of Andy Newman as he hammers out the set, all pro-shot by the underground King.

Bootleg: TRC at Upsurge Festival!

We have no idea who the dude is getting a sweat on with a panda hat on in the pit at the front of the stage in this pro-shot full set from TRC at Upsurge Festival in January at the New Cross Inn that comes courtesy of David Tan, Kathryn McBride and Greg Hall. But

NEWS: Street Soldier & TRC in December!

Another Day, another dollar, another rescheduled set of tour dates? True that. But none more important than the announcement of this quartet for TRC and Street Soldier, who will be ripping up the road from North to South during this quartet for December. Three times a charm and these are a pre-Christmas treat that everyone

NEWS: Street Soldier announce shows with TRC in March 2021!

As “One Man Gang” hit 200k worth of Spotify streams, Northern Beatdown Hardcore crew Street Soldier have announced a quartet of March 2021 shows with Londoners TRC. August saw the band announce a deal with Rucktion Records for a new six track EP entitled “Turn Dangerous” with single “So Sickening” so it’s all positivity and

NEWS: Burn It Down Festival 2020 first wave of bands announced!

Torquay Devon’s annual Underground Metal Festival Burn It Down will be taking place on 5th September will a little help from sponsors Blackstar Amplification, Jagermeister, Red Bull and Vocalzone. They’ve announced their first wave of bands and it’s epic. Can they persuade Carcer City to come out of retirement for the next wave? Dinosaur Pile-Up

Review: “Red Zone Tapes (Vol. 1)” from Road Mutant

It has been a phenomenal debut year for Road Mutant. Thomas Cronin, Charlie Pearce, Jay Rutterford, Calvin Chadwick and Sam Edwards have shared stages with Climate of Fear, Jungle Rot, Annotations of an Autopsy, Gets Worse and Inhuman Nature to name but a few, while delivering cuts from their debut EP “Back To The Green

Review: “True Love” by Born From Pain

Dutch Hardcore veterans Born From Pain have forged a 22 year career, “True Love” is the bands 8th studio album. Widely considered to be one of the leading bands of the European Hardcore scene and having shared stages with everyone from Hatebreed to Slayer, the band have a reputation to uphold. Instrumental pounding opening “Glück

NEWS: “New Beginnings” for Born From Pain??

Featuring guest vocals from Chris Robson of TRC fame, German Hardcore titans Born From Pain have released a second single from their upcoming new album “True Love” entitled “New Beginnings”. The album itself will see the light of day on 15th February. That is, unless you’re a record junkie. In which case you’ll have to

Review: “Back To The Green Zone” EP by Road Mutant

Rewind back to the end of August 2018. The venue? London’s New Cross Inn. The event? Upsurge Festival. We were lucky enough to witness the debut live performance from a band featuring in their ranks members of This is Colour and The Boy Will Drown. That band? Road Mutant! They launched upon us a blistering Crossover