Review: “True Love” by Born From Pain

Dutch Hardcore veterans Born From Pain have forged a 22 year career, “True Love” is the bands 8th studio album. Widely considered to be one of the leading bands of the European Hardcore scene and having shared stages with everyone from Hatebreed to Slayer, the band have a reputation to uphold.

Instrumental pounding opening “Glück Auf”, named after a typical German Miners greeting that describes hope, busts 115 seconds of driven Hardcore Punk riffs and pummelling kit work to get things started right. “Antitown” is probably the opposite of that hope fighting the negative elements of the antitown (is it their home town of Oostelijke Mijnstreek?) the band grew up in with a Hardcore punk anthem that ticks all the boxes. Gangchant? Yep. Breakdowns? Yes. Chantable chorus? Sold. It’s an instantly enjoyable banger of a tune that anyone can get into. “New Beginnings” sees the band joined by Chris Robson of TRC fame and together they create something that is right up the Deez Nuts street. It might be better entitled “what you see is what you get” as Robson delivers a spoken word rap style vocal against Rob Franssen’s bark. A classic Hardcore punk cut.

The chant of its title “True Love” ushers in some bass heavy tones and more atmospheric riffage with a fit pumping chorus. True love will never die. It chooses you. As a song it’s sentiment could be applied to the band members families or to the Hardcore scene and that’s why it works so well. “End of the Line” has something of Lionheart about it with a bouncy riff and more rapped vocal style but it’s the lead flourish into the solo that adds something extra and steals the show. “Live Forever” brings some Pete Koller esq riffs and a Sick Of It All vibe with some heavier and faster riffage and a gang chanted chorus. The lyrical themes about the vicious circle of life and searching for peace of mind is a sentiment that is spot on with today’s modern society.

“Bombs Away” brings Freddy Cricien of Madball join in the fun for another anthemic tune that you can easily envision the bands playing together live. It’s an anti establishment anthem with a finger pointing quality that simply says, you made your bed, now you lay in it. “Suffocate” delivers a punch with some swirling riffage and a classic sound. Lyrically talking about self doubt and negativity and about pushing down those feelings in the opening half of the track and then offering a shoulder to cry on and an ear to lend to anyone feeling that way, it’s a real thought provoker. The solo that appears on this one is also a face melter!

“Rebirth” brings a stomp and lyrically rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of the sentiment of “Suffocate” with the axe swinging and a positivity that lifts the mood instantly. It’s a driven tune and a real statement piece. Gritty and determined. “Unstoppable” is about having a respect for the past while forging ahead. The past is the past and it’s set in stone while the future remains unwritten. A freight train of a song, it has a final breakdown section that adds a real sparkle to it. “Marching to the Beat of Death” closes out the album with a fine instrumental tune that builds and builds while not sounding unfinished without vocals. It’s wave of riffs and tight playing is simply a joy. If you’re after an old school Hardcore album for today which you can get that instant connection with, then this is the one for you. If you’re not signing along with almost every tune by half way through then you need to sink another beer! [7/10]


1. Glück Auf
2. Antitown
3. New Beginnings ft. Chris Robson of TRC
4. True Love
5. End of the Line
6. Live Forever
7. Bombs Away ft. Freddy Cricien of Madball
8. City Lights
9. Suffocate
10. Rebirth
11. Unstoppable
12. Marching to the Beat of Death

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