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NEWS: Stick To Your Guns beg for silence?

Having spent the early part of the summer ripping it up in Europe, a second single in 3 months has premiered from Stick To Your Guns. This one is called “Hush“, has surfaced via label home Pure Noise Records and intriguingly contains the hash tag ‘Spectre’ as well as title ‘Open Up My Head‘ suggesting

NEWS: Stick To Your Guns return with “Weapon”!

It feels like forever (because it’s been five long years since 2017’s “True View“) but the return of Stick To Your Guns with a Hardcore Punk cut titled “Weapon” is music to our ears and as the opening act on the bill alongside The Black Dahlia Murder, Hatebreed and Parkway Drive in the US next

Playthrough: Full Set from Stick To Your Guns!

“She screams oh, I’ve had enough please make this go, This sea is rough and I’m drowning slow, Her mind numbing pain has her lost in the undertow, I just wish she knew she didn’t have to be alone” Dedicated drum cam footage of Stick To Your Guns sticksman George Schmitz behind the kit at

Bootleg: Stick To Your Guns in Anaheim California!

There is only one venue where everyone is on the Guestlist and that is the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California where this full set from Stick To Your Guns was pro-shot by 197 Media on 17th November. February saw an acoustic EP titled “The Meaning Remains” from the well respected quintet who are fast

NEWS: Stick To Your Guns release new demo!

Californian Hardcore Punks Stick To Your Guns are honouring the birthday of Chilean revolutionary and folk singer Victor Jara by releasing a new (demo) song entitled “Hasta La Victoria”. Victor’s story is one known all over the world and one used as a cautionary tale in recognizing fascism but even more so the necessary importance of fighting it

Bootleg: “Universal Language” from Stick To Your Guns!

In full HD quality, Impericon have released live footage of Stick To Your Guns performing “Universal Language” at Impericon Festival. The band should be set to return to the studio to create a follow up to “True View” at some point in 2020. We can live in hope, right? Whether that means that former Evergreen

Bootleg: Stick To Your Guns in Lakewood Ohio!

Another day, another Stick To Your Guns Pro-Shot live set? Er… Yes! They’re in abundance at the minute so if you’re not a fan, look away now! Filmed at The Phantasy Nite Club in Lakewood Ohio on 3rd August and featuring “Married To The Noise” as well out our personal favourite of theirs “Amber”, it’s

Bootleg: Stick To Your Guns at Chain Reaction!

How long will it be before Jesse Barnett and company get back into the studio and record a follow up to “True View”? Surely it can’t be long with the Orange County Californian Hardcore bands debut for Pure Noise Records fast approaching it’s 2 year anniversary in October? Pro-Shot on the 25th August at the