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Playthrough: “The Flood” from Tyrannus!

After the success of their demo EP “It Taketh“, Scottish Blackened Death Metal outfit Tyrannus inked a deal with True Cult Records for “Unslayable“, their debut full length. Multi instrumentalist and main song writer Callum John Cant (guitars, bass, vocals) recorded cuts in demo form and now is the hour for bassist Alistair Harley to show what he’s

Bootleg: “Bootlicker” from Penny Coffin!

Cut from the set that Penny Coffin played at Glasgow Audio on 23rd April, “Bootlicker” has surfaced shortly after the first anniversary of the release of the bands debut EP “ΤΕΦΡΑ”,  pronounced “Tefra” and meaning human ashes, in Greek. The show was sold out as the Scottish and Greek Death Metal opened for Scordatura and

Review: “Unslayable” by Tyrannus

“The vision we set is complete, Unslayable is an album which takes our eclectic influences and warps them into a conceptual story with themes of existentialism, Lovecraftian horror and antifascism. We want anyone who listens to this album to find something of themselves in it. With every fibre of our beings, we believe in the

NEWS: Tyrannus get drowned in the flood?

If like us you enjoyed the 2021 demo EP “It Taketh” from Coffee loving Scottish anti-fascist Thrash fuelled Death Metal outfit Tyrannus then the fact that they have a debut album titled “Unslayable” out later this month is going to be music to your ears. Produced by Scott McLean, the band themselves and Caitlín Smith as

NEWS: Tyrannus face a worse reality…

True Cult Records have announced the release of “Unslayable”, the debut album of Scottish Death Thrash outfit Tyrannus for 22nd April following a pair of well received EPs. Originally forming in 2018 as a duo comprised of Callum John Cant (guitars/bass/vocals) and Alasdair Dunn (drums) with an initial desire to simply make extreme metal music

Review: “It Taketh” by Tyrannus

Coffee loving anti-fascists Tyrannus are a quintet hailing Scotland who confess to liking nothing more than creating Extreme Metal of the Blackened Death Metal variety with a captivating quality. While they are made up of Callum John Cant, Fraser Gordon, Alistair Harley and Alasdair Dunn, both “It Taketh” and the bands 2019 self titled debut