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Playthrough: “Thrill Of The Chase” from UnCrowned!

Drummer Luke Goodchild is slowly working his way through his bands December 2019 release with playthrough videos until St. Albans Groove Metal quintet UnCrowned can take to the stage once more, keeping himself sharp. The latest sees him relive the tale of debauchery from that self titled debut album in “Thrill of the Chase” is something

Playthrough: “Chrysalis” from UnCrowned!

St. Albans UnCrowned released their self titled record back in December and have let drummer Luke Goodchild record a quirky playthrough video for “Chrysalis” from that using his practice rig in his living room. It does the job, even if the cat is turning a blind eye. We reviewed the album back when it was

NEWS: Knock back the shots with UnCrowned!

The third single from the self titled album from UnCrowned which pops it cork on 26th December has appeared, a song about drinking, it’s called “Knock It Back“! We’ve reviewed the album, it’s a fine piece of modern Metalcore and follows singles “Kindred” and “Devil’s Thirst” which you can pick up over at bandcamp

Review: “UnCrowned” by UnCrowned

UnCrowned are a 5-piece Metal band from St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England who formed in 2014 when Dave Smith and Dave Hills, two guitar players already in other bands in the local scene decided to write music together. They gradually found a steady line-up via word of mouth and by 2016 with the additions of vocalist