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Playthrough: “Déjà Vu” by Sentinels!

Thomas Cardone and Chris Dombrowski otherwise known as the gutarist duo from New Jersey’s Sentinels have been filmed for a guitar playthrough of “Deja Vu”. The song itself comes from the Progressive Heavy Metallers Stay Sick Recordings debut “Unsound Recollections”, which not only did we review, but we thought was simply phenomenal! The band are

Playthrough: “Vicious Cycle” from Sentinels!

New Jersey Progressive Metallers Sentinels continue to promote their recently released album “Unsound Recollections” which appeared in February via Stay Sick Recordings with their drummer Dave Rucki laying down this playthrough of single “Vicious Cycle” via Gear Gods.

Interview: Sentinels talk touring!

Part #3 of the interview series between Stay Sick Recordings and Sentinels has appeared. This one focuses around their touring with new album “Unsound Recollections” out now. It’s an absolute banger, check it out along with our review!

Interview: Sentinels talk “Unsound Recollections” #2

Part #2 of the Sentinels interview around new album “Unsound Recollections” sees the band talk about the brilliant single “Déjà Vu” and it’s deeper meanings as well as how signing to Stay Sick Recordings came about! If you’ve not heard it, we highly recommend the album.  

Interview: Sentinels Episode #1

New Jersey Progressive Metalcore quinet Sentinels have started an interview series via their label Stay Sick Recordings. This first installment is centered around introducing the band. If you haven’t heard their new album “Unsound Recollections” that was released a couple of weeks back, the what are you waiting for? Check out our review!

Review: “Unsound Recollections” from Sentinels

Continuing the trend of releasing 7 track label debut albums that Stay Sick Recordings (is it a bird? Is it a plane? More than an EP, less than a traditional album) are New Jersey Progressive Metallers Sentinels with “Unsound Recollections”. As a band, they’ve been around for a fair while now with 6 track debut “Idylls”

NEWS: Sentinels try and escape the “Vicious Cycle”!

Sentinels will be releasing a 7 track album “Unsound Recollections” via Stay Sick Recordings tomorrow. The iTunes pre-order for that is here. The New Jersey Progressive Metallers have released a music video for “Vicious Cycle” and coupled with the cover art seems to suggest a Nu-Metalcore vibe…