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Throwback: “Waiting For The Turning Point” from Superjoint Ritual!

It’s possible that we could have heard the last of Superjoint Ritual¬†after a in a June 2019 interview with Metal Underground frontman Philip H. Anselmo, who is also credited with writing 70-80% of the music said simply that he had no interest in playing with the band. That being said, stranger things have happened. Active

Bootleg: “2 Songs” from Superjoint!

More Superjoint¬†aka Superjoint Ritual from Mike Holderbeast. This time “2 Songs” (as in half of the bands song “4 Songs”) from the bands set at New Orleans, LA House of Blues in 2015. Shot in 1080p. The song is taken from the bands debut album “Use Once And Destroy”. Superjoint are now on Housecore Records.

Bootleg: A Pair of Classics from Superjoint!

Filmed during their set in New Orleans in 2017 by Mike Holderbeast and taken from their album “Use Once And Destroy” here’s a Pro-Shot in high definition cut of “The Alcoholik” by Superjoint aka Superjoint Ritual. While we’re at it, let’s have “F–k Your Enemy” from the same set as well. It originated on “A