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NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath “Dehumanize”!

A fourth single in “Dehumanize” has surfaced from the upcoming new Humanity’s Last Breath album “Välde” has surfaced, following “Glutton” following “Vittring” and “Tide”and once again comes with a video created by Tuomas Kurikka and Patrik Nuorteva of Riivata Visuals. The album itself will appear on 12th February via Unique Leader Records having been written,

Playthrough: “Tide” from Humanity’s Last Breath!

Knowing that idle hands are the devil’s workshop, Buster Odeholm has made himself busy during the year of the Great Plague. Remixing and remastering his early works with Humanity’s Last Breath and a number of other bands works at Impact Studios while also writing a new record. That album will be unleased on 12th February