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Bootleg: “The List” from Ingested!

Manchester Pure Slamming Death Metallers Ingested may have had their ambitions European tour plans with Bound In Fear, Vale Of Pnath and Vulvodynia but it didn’t stop them from putting on a live stream for their “Where Only Gods May Tread” record in their home city. They’ve cut “The List” from the set for us

Documentary: Behind the scenes of “Another Breath” with Ingested!

Whether or not their December 2020 European tour trek with Vale of Pnath, Vulvodynia and Bound In Fear goes ahead, Mancunian Slamming Deathcore brutes Ingested have still given us “Where Only Gods May Tread” via Unique Leader Records. The album is now a couple of weeks old and features some notable guest appearances, including from

Bootleg: Vale of Pnath in Lakewood Ohio!

Pro-Shot by Leo Sypniewski at The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio, here’s a full set from Vale Of Pnath. It was shot on 2nd March 2020 with the set focused around material from 2019’s “Accursed“. It’s a record that will see them in Europe in December with Ingested, Vulvodynia and Bound In Fear┬áso get

NEWS: Vale Of Pnath have “Skin Turned Soil”!

Following two critically acclaimed full length albums in 2011’s “The Prodigal Empire” and 2016’s “II“, 2019’s “Accursed” sees Vale Of Pnath fueled with Technical Death Metal adrenaline while using the atmospherics of Black Metal. If you’re not yet convinced, check out this freshly ground video for “Skin Turned Soil” before you snap up a copy

Bootleg: Vale Of Pnath in Ohio!

May 2019 saw the third studio album from Denver Colorado Technical Death Metallers Vale Of Pnath bust our ear drums with its intensely bleak hostilities. They’re a band we’ve love to see at Tech-Fest this summer as they ride high on the crest of the wave of “Accursed“. You can pick up the album over