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NEWS: Mushroomhead undergo major surgery?

While there has been no formal announcement, it looks as though Cleveland Ohio’s Mushroomhead have undergone significant line up changes prior to their current European tour, with two members having exited stage left in vocalist Jackie LaPonza and guitarist Tom “Tankx” Shaffner and two members in vocalist Jason “J Mann” Popson and sampler Rick “St1tch”

Interview: Mushroomhead talk new material!

Ultimate Guitar caught up with Mushroomhead drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton and “new” guitarist Tommy “Tankx” Shaffne (also in Mushroomhead side projects Pitch Black Forecast and VentanA) in a new interview. The pair talk about their live rig, new material and upcoming cinematic DVD release which you can read here.

Bootleg: Mushroomhead at The Leprechaun Ball!

Some very *ahem* rough bootleg live footage of the newly re-tooled Mushroomhead playing The Leprechaun Ball at Music Lynxx in Mentor on the Lake, Ohio on 17th March 2018 has surfaced online. The band, who recently announced the departure of vocalist Jeffery Nothing and guitarist Tommy Church have now announced their replacements – Pitch Black Forecast bassist