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Interview: The Black Dahlia Murder talk German Death Metal!

In this latest interview between Metal Blade Records and The Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnd, he talks about 5 German Death Metal bands that have had an influence on his bands career. A fun walk down memory lane, this yellow brick road has some scenic moments including a mention to Necrophagist, a band who

Playthrough: “The Wereworms Feast” from The Black Dahlia Murder!

Returning to that practice rig, The Black Dahlia Murder drummer Alan Cassidy has dropped another playthrough from their April released album “Verminous“. He’s going to be doing a few more too as he needs to keep in shape for their freshly announced European tour trek with Rings Of Saturn and Viscera. “Wereworms Feast” is the

Interview: The Black Dahlia Murder answer fans questions!

There is little doubt that The Black Dahlia Murder took a huge risk releasing their “Verminous” album without being able to play any shows in immediate support of it, but we thank them for it because its a banger of a record. Vocalist Trevor Strnad and Guitarist Brian Eschbach spoke to Metal Blade Records and

Playthrough: “Child Of The Night” from The Black Dahlia Murder!

Detroit Michigan Death Metallers The Black Dahlia Murder have been busy promoting their new and frankly excellent album “Verminous” in any way that they possibly can without touring. So first sticksman Alan Cassidy has recorded this drum playthrough of “Child Of The Night“… …and then guitarist Brandon Ellis played through the riffs that shaped him

Bootleg: The Black Dahlia Murder in Boston!

Courtesy of Metal Blade Records, here’s 35 minutes of The Black Dahlia Murder in Boston Massachusetts in October 2019. Including “Nightbringers“, “Miasma” and “Everything Went Black“, the set has an insanely good sound quality thanks to engineering, post-production mixing and mastering from Marshall Wieczorek. In the unlikely event that you might have missed it, “Verminous“,

Interview: The Black Dahlia Murder talk “Verminous”!

It has to be said that The Black Dahlia Murder pulled out all the stops to create a really impressive Death Metal album in their freshly released ninth studio record “Verminous“. Frontman Trevor Strnd talks to label Metal Blade Records about the themes of the album, lyrical content and artwork in this new interview.