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NEWS: Vesperian Sorrow share a fragment of the shattered mirror!

Adorned by stunning artwork from Caelan Stokkermans (Crown Magnetar, A Wake In Providence, The Acacia Strain), Texas Symphonic Black Metal veterans Vesperian Sorrow have announced their return with “Awaken the Greylight“, their first new album in four years. It will arise from the black depths on 3rd November via Black Lion Records with “A Dire Flight

NEWS: Nahaya achieve “Vital Alchemy”!

Monday saw us not only sing the praises of “Vital Alchemy” by Nahaya which was unveiled today by Rockshots Records but also ask the simple question – just where do they find the time? A Texan based outfit comprising many a familiar face from other much loved bands, this sophomore album marks something of a

Review: “Vital Alchemy” by Nahaya

Founded in 2013 by Ryan Peters with Semir Ozerkan, who immigrated to the US from Istanbul, Turkey to pursue career opportunities in Metal, one being with Oceans of Slumber, Texan outfit Nahaya is something of an amalgamation of American melodic Groove Thrash, Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal sounds and Middle Eastern influences. Featuring in their ranks

NEWS: Nahaya premier “Deific Mask”, announce new album “Vital Alchemy”!

Featuring  within their ranks members and former members of Oceans of Slumber, Vesperian Sorrow, Kingdom Collapse, Painting The Massacre and Cerebral Desecration, the re-tooled Nahaya have been quietly working on the follow up to their well received EP pairing “Transcendence Pt. II” (2020) and “Transcendence” (2018). The result of their industry will be unveiled on 21st May via