NEWS: Nahaya premier “Deific Mask”, announce new album “Vital Alchemy”!

Featuring  within their ranks members and former members of Oceans of Slumber, Vesperian Sorrow, Kingdom Collapse, Painting The Massacre and Cerebral Desecration, the re-tooled Nahaya have been quietly working on the follow up to their well received EP pairing “Transcendence Pt. II” (2020) and “Transcendence” (2018). The result of their industry will be unveiled on 21st May via Rockshots Records, entitled “Vital Alchemy” with “Deific Mask” being the first single.

The band comment: “We are extremely excited to release our first single Deific Mask with our fresh new lineup. Deific Mask was written during a major lineup change within Nahaya. The song has a speed metal influence with a catchy clean vocal chorus. We think the song will be a definite circle pit starter live.”

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