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Bootleg: Vision Of Disorder in New Haven Connecticut!

Another blast from the past has been brought to digital life with a full set from Long Island New Yorker Hardcore band Vision Of Disorder. The venue was Tune Inn in New Haven Connecticut way back on 15th August 1997 as the band tore up cuts from their debut self titled record released the year

Throwback: “Dead Man Walking” from Bloodsimple.!

The average life span of most bands might be just 3 records but some achieve more in those 3 than others achieve in a career 10 times as long. One such band, who burned out rather than fading away was Bloodsimple; the quartet of Vision of Disorder frontman Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy alongside the

Bootleg: Vision of Disorder in Providence!

This set from Long Island New York Metalcore act Vision of Disorder was recorded at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in Providence Rhode Island back on 2nd August 1997 between their self titled record and “Imprint” both of which appeared during their famously troubled stint signed to Roadrunner Records. It seems that frontman Tim Williams has a

Review: “The Long Goodbye” by Downpresser

Closed Casket Activities have been quietly releasing some quality albums over the past year including “Errorzone” by Vein and “It Comes In Waves” by The Acacia Strain. Their assistance with the sophomore album from Santa Barbara, Californians Downpresser some 6 years after their debut “Don’t Need A Reason” has enabled them to tap up the team

Throwback: “Straight Hate” by Bloodsimple!

Active between 2002 and 2008 and featuring Vision of Disorder frontman Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy alongside the now Hellyeah bassist Kyle Sanders and former Downset drummer Chris Hamilton, Bloodsimple released a pair of albums before going their separate ways. The first of those was “A Cruel World” that got the most attention. Releasing