Throwback: “Dead Man Walking” from Bloodsimple.!

The average life span of most bands might be just 3 records but some achieve more in those 3 than others achieve in a career 10 times as long. One such band, who burned out rather than fading away was Bloodsimple; the quartet of Vision of Disorder frontman Tim Williams and guitarist Mike Kennedy alongside the now Hellyeah bassist Kyle Sanders and former Downset drummer Chris Hamilton may have only managed two full length albums in their time (2005’s “A Cruel World” and 2007’s “Red Harvest“) but bother are stone cold slayers, part Hardcore, part Alternative Metal. One song from them stands head and shoulders above all the rest in the streaming statistics at least, “Dead Man Walking” achieving the better part of 6.4m of those on Spotify compared with the bands closest other cut and debut single “Straight Hate” at North of 850k. So here it is to get that post Christmas work out started…

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