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Review: “Singin’ in the Pain” by Necrodeath

A growing concern since 1984, Italian Blackened Thrash Metal act Necrodeath have been ploughing the fields and scattering the ashes of their victims with fourteen prior convictions in album form before “Singin’ in the Pain” was even a twinkling in their collective eyes or a migraine on their thoughts. Their first two albums in 1987’s “Into

NEWS: Necrodeath announce “Singin’ in the Pain”!

Having delivered us to evil with single “Transformer Treatment” written in collaboration with S.B. Reder of Schizo fame six months ago Italian Blackened Thrash metal trailblazers Necrodeath have revealed that it will take pride of place on a new record titled “Singin’ in the Pain”. A concept album based on the movie “A Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick,

NEWS: Voivod and Opeth in London in November!

Canadian Science Fiction Metal innovators Voivod have announced they are preparing to  return to European stages in November – as special guests of Opeth. They will be supporting their new album “Synchro Anarchy“, which came out earlier this year worldwide via Century Media and have a single date upon our shores in London. Voivod guitarist

NEWS: Imperial Triumphant announce “Spirit of Ecstasy”!

Featuring a guest appearance from Snake of Voivod New York avant-garde monsters Imperial Triumphant have unveiled the first single from the post-Alphaville era in “Maximalist Scream“. Directed and Edited by Steve Blanco they’ve shared a music video for the track borrowing a few vintage models from Daren Johnson at Hollywood Classic Cars and providing a

Review: “Death Comes Supreme” by Affliction Vector

Conceived as an introspective exploration by multi instrumentalist Ans in 2018 after the dissolution of Ooze and his separation from Grime, he decided to embrace a solo works, forging a path through his own inner demons, choosing isolation and his dissolving mental health as a fuel for his creative flame and following a dark path

Review: “Alphaville” by Imperial Triumphant

“Welcome to the age of a bright future and unprecedented optimism. A time when man’s dreams are realized in the biggest way. The most dangerous time ever known with the most existential responsibility ever bestowed. A NEW age of the atomic dream and ten thousand years forward of computerized biology looking to the past for

Documentary: Revocation on Bus Invaders!

Taking a moment before their show with Voivod, Psycroptic, Skeletal Remains and Conjurer at Reggies in Chicago Illinois on 16th September in support of their new album “The Outer Ones“, Technical Death Metallers Revocation are the latest band to fall victim to Digital Tour Bus and their “Bus Invaders” series… the album is out now