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Bootleg: Bury Your Dead in New London!

“Alone I stand, here I stand waiting, Dreams of me erasing all the false words that you spoke, Regret filled nights finally end, Sleepless nights finally end, I’m not forgiving you, I will never ever forgive you“ Back when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Bury Your Dead were fronted by Joe Krewko and recorded “You Had

Bootleg: Bury Your Dead in New Jersey!

We were raised on a diet of “Cover Your Tracks” and “Beauty And The Breakdown” from Boston Massachusetts Metalcore act Bury Your Dead so this freshly released full set from the band at Club Krome in South Amboy New Jersey from 20th September 2002 is music to our ears. They’re still very much alive and

Throwback: “Slaughterhouse Five” by Bury Your Dead!

As the Globe has been struck over the head by the broken beer bottle that is the Coronavirus, it seems logical that we should pick a track that features a bar fight in the video. Tours have been cancelled or postponed left right and centre with people’s livelihoods at steak, smaller bands and businesses may

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2019!

Whether it’s the wealth of Metal bands at the moment or the increased ease of recording and releasing quality material independently to streaming services, the shorter format of the Extended Play seems to have been a resurgent force in 2019. Some bigger names have recorded in the short form to tide them over between albums

Review: “We Are Bury Your Dead” EP by Bury Your Dead

Boston Massachusetts Metallic Hardcore Kings Bury Your Dead may have been around since 2001 but they ain’t never put together an EP. So after six studio albums and one live album the band have returned 8 long years after 2011’s “Mosh n’ Roll” with their first foray into the shorter format. The line-up now consists

Bootleg: “Top Gun” from Bury Your Dead!

In case you hadn’t guessed it, “Cover Your Tracks” by Boston Massachusetts Metallic Hardcore veterans Bury Your Dead is one of our favourite albums of its era. Continuing their steady release of tracks from the bands set at Chain Reaction in Anaheim California in May entitled “Still Alive” Stay Sick Recordings have unveiled “Top Gun”!

Bootleg: “Hurting Not Helping” from Bury Your Dead!

The brand new EP from Boston Massachusetts Bury Your Dead is now almost within touching distance so Stay Sick Recordings have let us have the fifth track from the bands “Still Alive” set. Pro-Shot back in March and cut up for promoting “We Are Bury Your Dead”, here’s “Hurting Not Helping” that sees the band

Bootleg: “Sympathy Orchestra” from Bury Your Dead!

Joined by Myke Terry for a few songs for their “Still Alive” set at the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California, the Bury Your Dead landed a few punches in the form of tracks from the albums they shared with him. One of those was “Sympathy Orchestra” from the bands self titled album. So here

Bootleg: “The Color Of Money” from Bury Your Dead!

Part #2 of Boston Massachusetts Metallic Hardcore Kings Bury Your Dead at the iconic Chain Reaction in Anaheim California has dropped today with the band recreating their “Alive” DVD from 2005 with a set under the name “Still Alive”. Pro-Shot in March, it comes as part of the promotional activity around a new EP “We

Bootleg: “House of Straw” from Bury Your Dead!

March saw Bury Your Dead return to the site of their infamous “Alive” DVD recording to perform a special set at Still Alive Festival. The venue? The iconicĀ  Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California! Revisiting the setlist from that 2005 live DVD, the band were interestingly joined by former vocalist Myke Terry, now in Volumes for