Throwback: “Slaughterhouse Five” by Bury Your Dead!

As the Globe has been struck over the head by the broken beer bottle that is the Coronavirus, it seems logical that we should pick a track that features a bar fight in the video. Tours have been cancelled or postponed left right and centre with people’s livelihoods at steak, smaller bands and businesses may be forced to fold or go semi professional to make ends meet. All of which really sucks. So it has to be “Slaughterhouse Five” by Bury Your Dead.

The first single from an album that saw Mat Bruso famously return to the Bury Your Dead fold while the now Volumes vocalist Myke Terry exited stage left, it also opens “Mosh n’ Roll” in juddering fashion. The Boston Massachusetts Metallic Hardcore Godfathers sixth studio album dropped in 2011 with song titles named after the works of Kurt Vonnegut.  Produced by Shane Frisby who handled their previous album “It’s Nothing Personal“, it was recorded at The Brick HitHouse studios.

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