Throwback: “Engineering The Dead” from Aborted!

The 20th Anniversary of “Engineering the Dead“, the sophomore album by Belgian Death Metal act Aborted deserves celebration, a nightmarish gorefest that serves as the fantasy of Dr Frankenstein aka Sven de Caluw√© as he builds a monster of gargantuan proportions. Despite forming in 1995 it would be six years before the band released their sophomore album via Listenable Music with the song titles getting spicier as they began to shed some of their debut records Cannibal Corpse influences and make a name for themselves. Sven de Caluw√© is often quoted as naming the band in the hopes that they would be listed in the “A” section in record stores but here he had the drumming of Frank Rousseau to thank for creating the backbone to an album that Brutal Death Metal fans would seek out. Jackhammer footwork, furious blast beats and some Thrash fills are all part of what makes the record stand on its own too feet as the bands legacy for creating restless and relentless evil at breakneck speed was forged. Here’s the title track.

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