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NEWS: Aborted prepare for the event horizon!

Ahead of a huge run of shows with Lorna Shore, Ingested, AngelMaker and Ov Sulfur across the US, Belgian Deathgrind Kings Aborted habe unveiled their first single since switching allegiance from Century Media to Nuclear Blast. Titled “Infinite Terror” it is one accompanied by a music video from Grupa13 (Machine Head, Arch Enemy) and is

Throwback: “Engineering The Dead” from Aborted!

The 20th Anniversary of “Engineering the Dead“, the sophomore album by Belgian Death Metal act Aborted deserves celebration, a nightmarish gorefest that serves as the fantasy of Dr Frankenstein aka Sven de Caluwé as he builds a monster of gargantuan proportions. Despite forming in 1995 it would be six years before the band released their

Interview: Aborted talk “ManiaCult” with Heavy New York!

Belgian Death Metal act Aborted let their vocalist Sven de Caluwé out of his straight jacket to talk to Heavy New York about the bands new album, the scorching “ManiaCult” which is out now via Century Media. Topics of further conversation include the 20th anniversary of their sophomore album “Engineering the Dead“, the 5th anniversary

NEWS: Aborted blast “Dementophobia”!

Belgian Death Metal masters Aborted celebrate the release of their new bone-crushing album “ManiaCult” with a music video inspired by Scooby for “Dementophobia” directed by Claudia Cortés Espejo. There will be two opportunities to witness the bands live prowess in February 2022 as they bring their Hell Over Europe tour trek to us with The

Review: “ManiaCult” by Aborted

In the 26 years since vocalist Sven “Svencho” de Caluwé formed Aborted in Belgium in 1995 the band has evolved from creating incendiary Deathgrind to being a Groove infused Death Metal outfit and following the all out shred fest of 2018’s “TerrorVision“, the bands continuation as a quartet with last years EP “La Grande Mascarade”

Interview: Aborted talk “ManiaCult” with Banger TV!

26 years down the yellow brick road and Belgian Death Metal act Aborted are about to unleash hell on Planet Metal with their 11th Studio record. Given the name “ManiaCult“, it is one set for 10th September via Century Media, so naturally vocalist Sven de Caluwé and bassist Stefano Franceschini spoke to Banger TV about

NEWS: Aborted read the headlines too?

26 years after vocalist Sven de Caluwé formed the band in Belgium, legendary Death Metal crew Aborted have released a third single of their forthcoming 11th studio album “ManiaCult”. The title track has been chosen for the purpose and it features a guest vocal appearance from Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy with the

NEWS: Aborted get dragged kicking and screaming to Hell!

26 years after Sven de Caluwé brought them together, Belgium’s infamous Death Metal crew Aborted present their second unholy single “Drag me to Hell” of their forthcoming album “ManiaCult” which is decreed will be released worldwide on 10th September via Century Media. There will also be two chances to catch the band upon our shores