Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Surprise!

“Surprise! You’re dead! Ha ha ha! Open your eyes, See the world as it used to be when you used to be in it, When you were alive and when you were in love, And when I took it from you! It’s not over yet, You don’t remember? I won’t let you forget, The hatred I bestowed, Upon your neck with a fatal blow, From my teeth and my tongue, I’ve drank and swallowed, but it’s just begun, Now you are mine, I’ll keep killing you until the end of time. Surprise! You’re dead! Guess what? It never ends” ~ Faith No More

Let’s face it, who hasn’t cited Faith No More as an influence we here you cry! Well the truth is that the list of the naysayers is shorter than the list of the soothsayers with everyone from Papa Roach to Ill Nino daring to take on their classics in the studio. We’ve chosen a prize pair for this weeks head to head as two bands with Death Metal on their minds go toe to toe with one of arguably the heaviest tracks that the band ever committed to tape. Their legacy speaks for itself so lets just say that this gem from 1989’s “The Real Thing” is a personal favourite. In the Ice Blue corner we have the legendary Aborted who have pioneered Extreme Metal since 1995 with no less than eleven albums to their name, 2021’s “ManiaCult” a reminder that they have lost none of their fire despite their relative age. They’re our Goliath. In the Blood Red corner we have our David, in pretenders to the throne Whipworm who took the work of Faith No More and dragged out its Death Metal promise as a fitting conclusion to their dark side of Ghostbusters inspired album “Gozer“. Who wins? You decide!

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