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Playthrough: “Fixation On Prosthetics” from Winterblind!

April 2020 saw Belgian Progressive Metallers Winterblind released a remastered edition of their debut album “Ya Machina”.┬áThat was the work of guitarist Nathaniel Mon Piere, a master of more trades than his six string skills suggest. One of the albums finer cuts is “Fixation On Prosthetics“, has been give a bass playthrough video by De

NEWS: Winterblind never want you to change!

Part playthrough and part tongue in cheek comedy skit, Belgian Metallers Winterblind have recorded a multi tasking video for “Never Change” from their 2019 EP “Effigy“. It depicts the a young slacker, inspired by a talented internet artist to embark on a journey of self improvement while society crumbles around him. Familiar situation…

Review: “Effigy” by Winterblind

Winterblind is an Antwerp Belgium based experimental progressive metal band. Formed sometime around 2006 by four edge-riddled teenagers wanting to play black metal, for some reason the band never broke up and now consists of five hipsters in their late twenties trying to play music that they imagine makes them look smart. Following their debut