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NEWS: Wych prey for pain?

Having fulfilled a dream and opened for Allegaeon in their native Calgary Alberta Canada back in May, Deathcore collective Wych have returned to the rehearsal space to craft for us some new music. Directed by Jorge Mares.anf featuring Crucifix, the first of the new cuts is one called “666 God“, their first of 2023 and

Playthrough: “Of Death And Silence” from Wych!

Hoping in the Delorean and dialing in 25th March 2022 are Calgary Alberta Canada bases Deathcore collective Wych as they unveil a guitar and bass playthrough video for the then released single “Of Death And Silence“. The cut just so happens to be the third from the band since debut EP “Agony” appeared in February

Playthrough: “Cult” from Wych!

Alberta Canadians¬†Wych need to be careful when releasing playthrough videos filmed by Jorge Mares and demonstrating the skills of their stickman Calvin Reid for no other reason than the revolving drum stool of genre pioneers Whitechapel is beckoning if the wrong person witnesses this. The cut of choice is one called “Cult“, one of a

Playthrough: “Cult” from Wych!

Writhing in perpetual agony Alberta Canadians Wych have let their vice grip on the soul of bassist Jake Wendt go for long enough for him to record a bass playthrough video for their track “Cult“. The cut is one of three singles to rise from the black depths since their debut EP as the band

NEWS: Wych prey for silence…

Still in agony Alberta Canada Deathcore¬†Wych have released a third single titled “Of Death and Silence” following their 2021 debut EP, once again mixed, mastered and produced by Ty Kingston. Guitarist Jorge Mares continues to impress behind the camera for the music video as the heavy hitters continue to build momentum with cold and unforgiving

NEWS: Wych join the cult…

After the hard-hitting Deathcore abrasions of their debut EP “Agony” have subsided like the ringing out of feedback, Calgary Alberta Canadians Wych have given us new single “Cult“. If the similarities in the cover artwork of the new cut and last cut “Gloom” are anything to go by, it seems they are working on a

NEWS: Wych return to Gloom!

The agony continues for Alberta based Canadians Wych as they return with a music video for September single “Gloom“, their first new material since their February released debut EP. That one bridges the gap between Deathcore and 2003 era Metalcore that is as cold and unforgiving as the winters of their homeland with thought inspiring,

NEWS: Wych suffer the Gloom?

They may have only released EP “Agony” in February but Albert Canadians Wych who lay in wait at the crossroads between Deathcore and Metalcore to broadside you like the juggernaut in Nicolas Cage’s “Knowing” have returned with a chrome plated new single in “Gloom“. Once again mixed, mastered and produced by Ty Kingston, it appears

NEWS: It remains 1864 for Wych..?

If you missed EP “Agony” by Alberta Canadian Death Metal quartet Wych back in February then this freshly sliced lyric video for “1894” cut from it should serve as all the inspiration you need to go and check it out. A journey through the darkness and disparity of human nature with abstract lyrics blended with

NEWS: Wych go black and white for “Amber”!

Taking inspiration from the cold and unforgiving winters of Canada, the debut from Alberta Canada Deathcore collective Wych blends abstract lyrics orientating around the darkness and disparity of human nature in its many forms with some suitably heavy breakdowns while also having unexpected Metalcore leanings. The band have chosen “Amber” from the five track affair