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Review: “Nothing Left To Love” by Counterparts

Hamilton Ontario Canadian’s Counterparts are a quintet that describe themselves as being Metalcore or Melodic Hardcore in equal measure but in reality are much harder to pigeon hole. As a band they’re seriously loved the World over by Metal and Hardcore fans alike and at the smaller shows we’ve never witnessed more fans on stage

Bootleg: Counterparts at Chain Reaction in Anaheim CA!

Currently out in the US with Architects and Stick To Your Guns, here’s a full set from Hamilton Ontario Canada natives Counterparts. The set is from the 9th March stop at Chain Reaction in Anaheim CA. The bands brilliant metallic hardcore album “You’re Not You Anymore” is out now. Setlist

NEWS: “You’re Not You Anymore” Music Video from Counterparts!

Hamilton, Ontario Canada native hardcore punks Counterparts have continued to enjoy the limelight of late with the release of their current, critically acclaimed album “You’re Not You Anymore”. The band have switched up the production value and released a mini movie style of music video for the album title track rather than the usual performance

Live Review: Counterparts w/Napoleon & Polar at Southampton Joiners 19/11/2017!

Opening up tonight are Exeter’s progressive melodic hardcore band Napoleon [4]. Now when I say “progressive melodic hardcore” that’s probably the loosest possible description of the style of music the band play. Guitarist Sam Osborn plays some technical riffs using a combination of sweep picking, tapping and strumming, while vocalist Wesley Thompson screams through the lyrics.