Bootleg: Pro-Shot Full Set from Converge in Brooklyn 9/12/2017!

Recorded by Max Volume Silence at Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, New York on 9th December 2017, here’s a full set from Converge in high definition with audio mixed and mastered by Chris Johnson at The Electric Bunker. Converge will be in London with Crowbar, Grave Pleasures¬†and Thou in April.


0:00 Reptilian
4:49 Under Duress
9:43 Arkhipov Calm
12:40 A Single Tear
17:25 Dark Horse
The Broken Vow
Aimless Arrow
25:09 Black Cloud
28:37 The Dusk In Us
Eye Of The Quarrel
Broken By Light
40:29 Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast
Intro / 48:25 Eve
54:52 I Can Tell You About Pain
57:15 Eagles Become Vultures
59:50 Concubine

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