Bootleg: Pro-Shot Full Set from Converge in Brooklyn 9/12/2017!

Recorded by Max Volume Silence at Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, New York on 9th December 2017, here’s a full set from Converge in high definition with audio mixed and mastered by Chris Johnson at The Electric Bunker. Converge will be in London with Crowbar, Grave Pleasures and Thou in April.


0:00 Reptilian
4:49 Under Duress
9:43 Arkhipov Calm
12:40 A Single Tear
17:25 Dark Horse
The Broken Vow
Aimless Arrow
25:09 Black Cloud
28:37 The Dusk In Us
Eye Of The Quarrel
Broken By Light
40:29 Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast
Intro / 48:25 Eve
54:52 I Can Tell You About Pain
57:15 Eagles Become Vultures
59:50 Concubine

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