NEWS: Cancer Bats release new album and single “Rattlesnake”!

Cancer Bats have surprise released a new album entitled “The Spark That Moves”, which was secretly recorded in January and their first in 3 years. So they’re going to have no pre-order bundles, no pre-order sales, first week sales figures that promoters use to place bands on tours will be way off the mark. Not to mention the dodgy downloads that will be higher because people want to hear it without having to wait for the physical copy to be delivered but don’t want to pay for the download (statistically proven). What the band have done a huge risk – it backfired badly for Avenged Sevenfold, though the album is nothing like what some of their fan base would have wanted. So will it backfire for them? Only time will tell. But seeing as they have managed to sell out 4 back to back dates at Camden Underworld with minimal press and have released the album for streaming and downloading legally at the same time, it maybe less of an issue. They’ve also put out a music video for single “Rattlesnake”. The album is out now on the bands own Bat Skull Records label.

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