Bootleg: Full Set from Hatebreed at Bloodstock 2017!

It’s finally arrived! 1 hour! 20 songs! The Full Set! Pro-Shot in High Definition,¬†Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Hatebreed bringing the hardcore to our shores last summer at Bloodstock Open Air Festival! Frontman Jamey Jasta will be back at the festival this summer with his solo band Jasta for a set that is expected to include a string of guests from other bands.

Destroy Everything
To The Threshold
Honor Never Dies
Everybody Bleeds Now
In Ashes They Still Reap
Tear it Down
Last Breath
Empty Promises
As Die Hard As They Come
Looking Down The Barrel Of Today
Not One Truth
Live For This
This is Now
Driven by Suffering
Something’s Off
I Will Be Heard

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