Bootleg: Skeletonwitch at The Union in Athens!

Filmed at The Union in Athens, Ohio in September 2016 on the first night of The Curse of the Dead tour, here’s a full set from Skeletonwitch. This was frontman Adam Clemans first hometown show with the extreme metallers and sold out. New album “Devouring Radiant Light” is out now via Prosthetic Records. Check out our review!

1:54 Beneath dead leaves
5:06 Burned from bone
7:54 Crushed beyond dust
10:55 Black waters
14:38 Serpents unleashed
17:39 Beyond the permafrost
20:49 Gorge upon my soul
24:26 This evil embrace
28:42 Well of despair
33:07 Upon wings of black
39:12 Cleaver of souls
43:13 The infernal resurrection
46:39 The apothic gloom
53:04 From a cloudless sky
55:53 I am of death (Hell has arrived)
58:50 This horrifying force (The desire to kill)
1:03:10 Red death, white light
1:11:18 Unending, everliving
1:14:22 Submit to the suffering

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