Live Review: UK Tech-Fest Day #3 – Saturday 7th July!

It’s another sweltering day at Newark Showgrounds that kicks off with Pravitas [7.5/10] from Leeds draw the biggest opening crowd of the weekend so far. Their bend of Technical Groove Metal with bludgeoned vocals goes down well. The bass work on closing new song is absolutely phenomenal. Tiberius [6.5/10] are a heavier version of something you could expect from Iron Maiden. Story telling in epic proportions amid fast paced musicanship. There is no doubting their talent but Power Metal isn’t something we’ve come to expect at Tech-Fest and seems some what out of place. Oxford’s Perception [9/10] absolutely smash it with the likes of “Survive” & “Monolith”, delivering a heavy and emotional Tech-Metal set. They’re going to go a long way, they just need that something that takes them from where they are now to where Loathe are. Be it a tour support slot or new management, they have the ability and the material in the bag. Valis Ablaze [5/10] have a wealth of material that starts somewhere and goes no-where. They’re a fiercely talented bunch with a vocalist with serious pipes but with a couple of execptionas, notably single “Paradox”, it’s all a bit flat.
The Five Hundred [7.5/10] play a wealth of new material from the upcoming August release and it all goes down very well indeed. Closing their set with some Pantera riffs in tribute to Vinnie Paul and anding their own Tech-Metal lead over the top is a master stroke. If things go as expected with the new album, we expect to see them on the main stage next year. Arch Echo [7/10] break up the heavier material with some instrumental Jazz Metal infusions with guitar flourishes a plenty. They’re great fun.
Another band we expect to see on the main stage next year, all being well is Arcaeon [9/10]. Despite a technical hitch they rip through a set that includes a pair of new songs, including “Dataism”. Stuart Sarre brings an infectious energy to their live show with constant movement and an impressive vocal range. The rest of the band destroy their fretboards with their technical skills. Western Austraila’s DVSR [8/10] aren’t a band we thought we’d see in our lifetime upon our shores. They bring their rap-DJent-ims in full effect with bounce and high energy. They also suffer a few technical issues including losing a bass strap mid song but carry it off in some style. “Slave to the Beat” is a classy new number and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Nexilva [7/10] bring bast beats to the party and “Escapologies” closes out their set in some style. There is a new EP on its way and the band play a couple of songs from that which bode well for their future. Italian stallions Damned Spring Fragmenta [8/10] deliver DJent infused Tech-Metal in spades. While their frontman’s speaking voice may come across as shy and retiring, he can scream and growl the low end like a beast! “Float” from their November release “Chasm” on Basick Records is amazing live. Martyr Defiled [8/10] are on their farewell tour and bring Deathcore to Tech-Fest in preparation for the later, heavier acts on tonights bill. And with tracks like “Sin Eater”, it’s a meat pounding. “Nemesis” gets the pit bouncing and the set ends as a celebration of all things Marytr Defiled. Tides From Nebula [5/10] are the pallet cleanser in this evening’s line-up and their progressive sounds are absolutely fine if you’re into that sort of thing. Manchester Slamcore crew Ingested [6/10] deliver a set so heavy that you don’t know whether it’s sweat or if the combination of brutal blast beats, broken glass gutteral roars or anvil heavy bass have caused a shart moment. But they’re fun and that’s why people love them. How a band this heavy has managed to land a support slot for the Crowbar tour later this year is astounding. Conneticticut Deathcore heavyweights The Acacia Strain [9/10] close out the day with their hardcore fuelled sound. The crushing rhythm section delivers the backbone for Vincent Bennett’s fierce vocals and he reciprocates the fans warmth tonight in fine fashion. Who knew his favourite thing about the UK was pickled onion Monster munch? They will head out to Canada with Left Behind on a 10 year anniversary tour for “Continent” later this month.

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