The Black Map #20: Tronald from Salford!

Distortion. Check. Feedback and buzzing amps. Check. Downtuned guitars. Check. Salford Sludge Doom Metallers Tronald are one of the filthiest bands around at the moment. Their Satanic Priest ritual video for single “Obelisk Ov Hash” brings to mind Witch burnings while the having the sense of the theatrical and old school horror films. 2017’s self-titled EP has a colossal doom sound thanks to some fine production work while capturing their raw live sound, recording the whole 20-ish minute release in just 4 hours. They had a little help from some friends in Matt Franklin from Under, Martin Battle from Riggots and Steven Dobb from The Hyena Kill to for the release and influences include Big Business, Mono Lord and Elephant Tree.

“Tronald” by Tronald is available over at bandcamp.

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