The Black Map #236: Dominion Of Ashes from Sheffield!

Sometimes it pays to remember that not everyone has to follow the usual or expect path in life. Birth, School, College, University, Work, Marriage, Children, Retirement and inevitable Death is one way but is sure as hell isn’t the only way. A band who have cut their own path through the urban jungle before burying their metaphorical hatchet in our skulls at Dominion Of Ashes, finding their own left hand path and their own route to remain in the process…

…the Sheffield Death Metal act formed four years ago in 2018 with a mutual love of bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation and Revocation before beginning to forge their own sound in the furnace of Valhalla. Rather than following the usual path of committing something to tape first and then playing shows around it, the quartet tried, tested and amended their ideas in the live arena for four years, stepping on stages with the likes of Monument Of Misanthrope and Blasphemer. That time served them oh so well as evidenced by their debut EP “Wretched“, dropped earlier this year after dragging Aiden Roker kicking and screaming to Electric Bear Studios to mix and master their works. So just because the industry dictates in this day and age the waterfall release of singles with music or lyric videos over an extended period before the full EP or album drops with one song left, doesn’t mean that that is the only way. There is a lot to be said for biding your time to get things just right.

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