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Bootleg: “End Of Life” from Dominion of Ashes!

Filmed at Corporation in the Steel City of  Sheffield on 24th March, here’s “End Of Life” from the almighty Dominion Of Ashes as they celebrate five years together in 2023. They may have been beaten to the punch in this year’s Metal 2 The Masses by Bansith but the Death Metal merchants who released their

The Black Map #236: Dominion Of Ashes from Sheffield!

Sometimes it pays to remember that not everyone has to follow the usual or expect path in life. Birth, School, College, University, Work, Marriage, Children, Retirement and inevitable Death is one way but is sure as hell isn’t the only way. A band who have cut their own path through the urban jungle before burying

Review: “Wretched” by Dominion Of Ashes

Hailing from the Steel City of Sheffield, Death Metal quartet Dominion Of Ashes formed in the summer of ’69 (aka 2018), taking inspiration from a mutual love of bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation and Revocation as they began to forge their sound. Those four years have been blighted by plague and pestilence but

Review: “Ceremorphosis” by Proceed On Your Way To Oblivion

The debut album “Ceremorphosis” from US Technical Death Metal force Proceed On Your Way To Oblivion is a mouth watering prospect for many reasons. Roots trace back to 2018 for the supergroup who have a writing axis of drummer Michael Ranne (Through The Eyes Of The Dead, My Bitter End, Coma Cluster Void) and guitarist Steve